Expercell offers a variety of services for your accessories.  Contact us so we can tailor a quote for your specific needs.

Services Include:

.Cadex Testing – Expercell can Cadex test your batteries and provide detailed reporting.

Quality Control Inspection – We can cosmetically inspect accessories to your specifications.

Charging – Expercell will charge your batteries using our Cadex and universal charging systems.

Functional Testing – We can take your product and perform 100% functional testing to ensure the best performance in your phone kits.

Sorting & Inventory Assist   – We have a robust and efficient sorting process to quickly remove BER product and identify counterfeit and  aftermarket items.

Dead Battery Revival – We can "wake up" dead lithium-ion batteries which have had their safety switch tripped due to low voltage.

Full Service Package – We also provide full service solutions to process, test, inspect and package your accessories.